CompexAfrica has been built to deploy technology with extensive capacity to connect a wealth of capital seekers and business sellers to capital suppliers and business buyers respectively.

Business exits and access to investments and capital have traditionally been the exclusive reserve of brokers / dealers / financial advisers who connect users of capital to suppliers of capital or business buyers to sellers. This traditional process has, however, had its limitations.

Due to limited capacity of coverage and distribution, and concentration on its mostly high-end profit-making customer base, thousands of mainstreams to lower mainstream businesses seeking capital, business exits or connection to prospective investors and business buyers, are overlooked or excluded.

To this end, CompexAfrica is established to eliminate the consequences of anonymity of this important business class by deploying technology with extensive capacity to connect this wealth of capital seekers and business sellers to capital suppliers and business buyers respectively to address their challenges.

CompexAfrica has created a financial technology brand that prospective business sellers or buyers, and capital users or suppliers will recognize as a leading-edge solution in the promotion, marketing and sale of businesses for full or partial exits in the online investment market place.

Features & Services:

Registration: The CompexAfrica Platform is open to browse through freely. However, to view an opportunity in detail or express interest, the user must register.

Sell Business or List an Investment Opportunity (Full Sale and Partial Sale): Business exit seekers (full or partial) must register and be verified prior to admission. All full sale opportunities are featured on the general CompexAfrica Platform, while partial sale investment opportunities are featured on the CompexAfrica DealRoom.

Purchasing a Business or Investing in an opportunity: Investors or buyers seeking to supply partial capital or outright purchase of a listed business must also register. Once an interest is indicated, the seller is notified and direct communication is initiated between them, while CompexAfrica takes a backseat.

Valuation Tool: Business valuations are required for legal, statutory, commercial or strategic appraisals. The specific use of the valuation is crucial in selecting the most relevant methodology to use. The Online Valuation Tool is tailored specifically to Small and Medium Scale Enterprises that wish to conduct a business appraisal for statutory, commercial or strategic reasons.

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