5 steps to selling your small business

1) Reason for sale

You’ve decided to sell your business. Why? Owners commonly sell their businesses for any of the following reasons:


Partnership disputes

Illness and death

Becoming overworked


2) Timing of the sale

Prepare for the sale as early as possible, preferably a year or two ahead of time. We are here to assist you in planning

3)Business Valuation

Determine the worth of your business to make sure you don’t price it too high or too low. Talk to us today for assistance

4) Preparing documents

Gather your financial statements and tax returns dating back three to four years and lets review them with you.

5)Finding a buyer

Finding the right buyer can be a challenge. At CompexAfrica, we can connect you to the right buyer. Talk to us today to get enlisted!

Free tip

Selling a business is time-consuming and for many, an emotional venture.

A good reason to sell or the existence of a “hot” market can ease the burden, as can the help of professionals. Talk to us today.

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